A True-to-life Twin Solution

A 3D Virtual Tailoring Solution

Created to enable companies to accelerate digitization for their selling solutions by accompanying their physical development process through asset creation.

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We are The Bridgt Atelier

What makes us Unique?

Our mission is to seamlessly convert digital assets to physical prototype reducing manufacturing lead times. Are you ready for Industry 4.0?

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Virtual Prototype Centre

We create your Physical assets into Digital ones.


A Bridge which connects Digital to Physical manufacturing.

Design Centre

A centre for brands to execute their digital assets ready for manufacturing.

Physical Prototype Centre

A centre for brands to realise their physical twin.

Browzwear Hub

Browzwear Local partner

Local training and learning centre for 3D Designers and Talents.

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Our Business Model

Our Business Model

We tailor make solutions for our clients, because we believe that our success will rely on our Client’s success. What is unique is that we do not create digital assets for the sake of it… we make sure it is a True-to-Life twin, so you can digitize to reduce your manufacturing lead times as well. Studios are welcomed to contact us for prototyping services.

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The agency that will make you change the way you sell

We create amazing digital products allowing you to sell and make.

We create amazing digital products

We give apparel companies a Head Start!

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We are a  phigital company

Don’t know where to start, we create all your physical assets into digital ones.

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We launched right into the pandemic

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